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PLEASE remember to bring a pair of clean, DRY shoes to change into. 

Welcome!  We are glad you found us!

Learning how to partner dance should be fun and we do our best to make it so.  You need to do your part as well and be patient with yourselves and your classmates.  Your learning attitude has everything to do with how much you enjoy the efforts required to acquire this new skill.  Sometimes "fun" takes time.

Practice = progress.  Just 5 minutes a day, with or without a partner, will reap exponential rewards!  If you only think about dancing while you are in class, however, you are likely to become frustrated very quickly.

Your first "homework" is to read what we have taken the time to write for you.  Then, if you are still having trouble figuring out which class you should register for, or how to register, we will be happy to answer your intelligent questions.

As to whether a class will be too fast or too slow for you that may be impossible to answer.  All classes are taught to the mean and built around what we term "layers of learning." Most students will take each class multiple times before squeezing every last bit of knowledge out of it.  Our best suggestion is that you simply take a chance and TRY IT!  

CLASS RULES - The Essentials

  Straight-from-the-street shoes track in water & dirt that wreak havoc with the wood floor and suede-soled dance shoes.  PLEASE remember to bring a spare pair of shoes to wear! 

  Children age 13 and over are welcome in classes as long as they can keep up.  Non-participating children, however, are simply too distracting so please leave them with a sitter. Exceptions may be made for well-vetted tweens & teens so please do not assume that one child doing homework means that all are welcome.

  Do no harm.  Students are expected to be gentle with each other's bodies & egos and to follow instructions.  Our studio is not a singles bar, and our classes are not the place for you to practice your own teaching skills. 

FAQs - Quick Answers

Age range in classes:  Anywhere from 13 & up, but most of our group-class students are 28-58. 
(Decent hearing is required to enjoy group classes - it is a large room with big acoustics.) 

Can I just call you to get this information?  In a word, no.  We are very difficult to catch by phone and phone tag is a horrible waste of time.  We've put a lot of effort into making this website informative.  Please read through it and then email if you have further questions before registering.  It is up to you to decide whether our classes or private lessons are a good fit for you, which can often only be determined after you try it! 

Class size:  Average, 15.  As few as 10 and as many as 50. 

How long does it take to learn?  Everyone learns at a different pace.  Some will be ready to show off their new skills after the first couple of weeks, others will want to take the beginning class multiple times before they debut in public.  You truly don't know your aptitude for this until you try it.  People who never thought they'd be able to dance are amazed at how well they take to partner-style dancing.  Others wonder at why their general athletic prowess doesn't carry over to this new activity.  Truly, it's hard to predict but short, daily PRACTICE sessions at home (5-10 min.) will make a huge impact!

Rotating partners - is it required?  In classes, yes.  In the Romance Workshop, no.  We sympathize that many couples only want to dance together but truly, you learn so much faster when you rotate partners.  Classes are hard enough to manage with everyone's different learning speeds/styles without throwing in this monkey wrench.  If we allow everyone to make their own choice in this matter then those who are not rotating quickly fall behind making the class even more difficult to teach.  For our own sanity and for the good of the class rotation is required (except in the Romance Workshop.) 

What should I wear?  Comfortable, cool clothes in layers.  If you're wearing a skirt we highly recommend wearing "dance pants" as well - thin, form-fitting short-shorts.  It's fascinating how high a skirt can fly! 

We do not have a dress code except "smell nice" and you'll see students in everything from yoga pants to jeans to suits.  We do recommend staying away from sleeveless shirts to avoid the dewy underarm factor, but it's not a rule.

"Smell nice" means please use deodorant, don't smoke right before class, and chew gum or a breath mint.  It also means stay away from loads of powerful cologne or perfume.  Thank you from your instructors and fellow students!

DANCE SHOES:  Shoes must stay on your feet (no flip-flops or clogs), preferably be light and comfortable, and have non-gripping and non-marking soles.  Tom's, ballet slippers, well-worn sneakers, & men's dress shoes are good choices for brand-new dance students.  Please carry them with you and change inside before class to track in as little street gunk and wetness as possible! 

If you plan to continue dancing past your first session of classes we strongly suggest acquiring actual Ballroom Dance Shoes.  Having the proper equipment for any athletic endeavor makes it far more enjoyable!  The suede soles allow you to turn, spin, and glide easily while also giving you the proper traction to stop (unlike smooth leather.)  You will be amazed at the difference proper shoes make in your dancing!   

Alas, there are no good retail shops in town.  We order our dance shoes online and rep a line called Very Fine Dance Shoes.  Frankly, selling shoes is a pain but we want to take good care of our students.  To keep it feasible we only sell three styles of shoes:  Men's basic black shoes with a 1" heel, ladies' strappy practice shoes, and ladies' thick-strapped practice shoes, which both have a 1.5" block heel & quick release buckle.  The cost of $100 includes tax, shipping, & a wire shoe brush for the sole.

If you have problem feet we strongly suggest choosing a pair of shoes that are comfortable to you and having suede put on the soles by a local shoe repair shop (or DIY if you're very talented.)

Ladies there are a LOT of pretty options but I do suggest starting with a "practice shoe" meaning a black sandal with a 1.5" block heel.  For shiny dressier shoes 2 1/2" is the max heel height you want.  Three inchers look lovely but you will skate like Bambi on ice!  Please, just trust me on this.

If you shop online for something shiny choose a shoe with solid strapping and a quick-release buckle.  I would contact customer service to make sure the buckle is quick release even if the picture shows it.  Avoid mesh & glitter.  The former tears and the latter sheds on everything. 

Shoes with narrow  peep-toe openings can be binding on average width feet but are a good choice for those with narrow feet. 

If you order shoes online also order a wire shoe brush to rough up the bottoms and re-nap the suede.  I prefer the folding brush since you can keep it in your shoe bag with your shoes and not worry about scratching them.


In our humble opinion, and that of many local dancers & students, Dance Street is the best place in town for brand-new dancers to gain some confidence as well as some solid dance skills.  We are a fun, friendly, welcoming bunch who are always happy to help people find out whether dancing is their next passion or just a passing fancy.  Our classes are a great way to meet new people, kick off a date-night with your partner, or have fun with a group of friends.  They're also an excellent way to move your body and stretch your muscles while expanding your brain.  Dancing is the one physical skill shown to have a delaying effect on dementia symptoms because it works both brain and body.  If learning how to dance is on your life-list let us help you check that box. 

We've been teaching Spokane the essentials of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing since 1997.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent dance instruction in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Our group classes are very budget friendly, and our private lessons are very personal.  We hope you'll find something to fit your schedule and budget and that you will decide to see if dancing is your next life-long hobby.  Happy Learning!

Amanda Hansen,
Owner/Dance Instructor
Dance Street Ballroom

Partner-style dance instruction for singles & couples, teens to seniors, beginners to aficionados!

The Dance Street Ballroom   433 W. Dean Ave., Spokane, WA    5093269545    Amanda at DanceStreetBallroom dot Com