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Welcome!  We are glad you found us!

We love to teaching people how to dance, however it is the "hobby" side of our business.  The Wedding & Event Venue side of things is what keeps the doors open and pays the bills, therefore it receives a commensurate share of our time & energy. 

Thank you for understanding that we need our dance students to be self-guided in their research.  You will receive our full attention during classes & lessons, but otherwise we expect you to do your homework and figure out which class is right for you & whether the class fits into your schedule.  Beyond that we suggest that you simply take a chance and TRY IT! 



1)  Adult Essential Skills I - new sessions start January, May, and September 

  Wednesdays, 7pm

  Classes are 40 min. long during Fall & Winter sessions (50 min. Spring session)

  Introduces the fundamentals of East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, & either Nightclub 2-Step or Rumba.

  Most students will take this class multiple times before moving on to the level II class.

  All of our classes have "layers of learning" - meaning each class has nuggets of knowledge for everyone.

  Cost: $125/person for the session - 14 weeks Fall & Winter, 11 weeks Spring

  Singles and Couples are welcome - everyone will rotate partners

 See the Adult Essential Skills Syllabus of Patterns

2)  Adult Essential Skills II - new sessions start January, May, and September 

  Wednesdays, 7:45pm (8pm Spring)

  Classes are 40 min. long during Fall & Winter sessions (50 min. Spring session)

  What is offered depends on the learning goals of the current crop of students - further East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Nightclub, & Rumba... possibly American Tango... or perhaps Latins such as Cha Cha & Salsa.

  All of our classes have "layers of learning" - meaning each class has nuggets of knowledge for everyone.

  Cost: $125/person for the session - 14 weeks Fall & Winter, 11 weeks Spring

  Singles and Couples are welcome - everyone will rotate partners

3)  Romance Workshops - January, March, May, & sometimes November

  Thursdays, 5:40-7pm (Wednesdays in May)

  Three-week intensive sessions of 80 min. lessons. 

  Each lesson is divided between two dance styles, Foxtrot & Swing. 

  This is our only class where you do NOT rotate partners and the only class where a partner is required.

  It is primarily intended for Wedding Preparation but is also great for couples anticipating a cruise, holiday parties, or just those who have limited learning time and want to dance together! 

4)  Amanda's Class - new sessions start January, May, September, and late October

  Tuesdays, 5:30pm start (also possible Wednesdays in late October start)

  7 to 14 week sessions of 40 to 60 min. lessons. 

  Possible dance styles... Country 2-Step, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing, Nightclub 2-Step, open-style Rumba

  $65 per person per 7 week session

 If you have not taken a lot of Sarah's Adult Essential Skills classes, or danced with Amanda before, then this is probably not the right class for you.  Exception:  if the registration form says "For All Dancers."  Even our level I classes presume a LOT of basic dance knowledge.

5)  Gonzaga University PE Classes - by invitation or interview only - new sessions start January and September 

  Tuesdays 6:20pm &/or Wednesdays 5:20pm

  Cost: $125/person for the session - 14 weeks

  Fall:  East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, & Waltz  Spring:  Rumba, Cha Cha, & Salsa

  When there are openings we welcome our intermediate level students to participate in this fast-moving class of college-age students.  We may also invite other quick, college-age learners to join the class.  It is not, however, open to general registration.  If you think this might be the right class for you please contact Amanda to discuss the possibility. 


  Generally, we start new sessions three times each year.

Please put a reminder in your calendar to register for classes around December, April, or August when the finalized schedule for the next sessions is sure to be posted.

  All  group classes are progressive & build on the previous weeks' skills.  You must start by the 2nd week of class.

Pop-in students cannot be accommodated. 

  Learning & Practice ... there is no magic wand and you are going to have to want it/work for it. 

Where to put your feet is only the very tiniest crawling step when it comes to dance knowledge.  How you take that step, how you move your body, partnering-skills, musicality, style.... these are all layers of learning.

A favorite current saying:  We can share the knowledge with you, but we can't understand it for you. 

You must PRACTICE if you want to progress - "Five minutes a day!"

  Registration - the link at the beginning of this page will take you to the current registration form.


  PLEASE remember to bring a spare pair of shoes to wear!  Straight-from-the-street shoes track in water & dirt that wreak havoc with the wood floor and suede-soled dance shoes. 

  Children age 13 and over are welcome in classes as long as they can keep up.  Non-participating children, however, are simply too distracting, so please leave them with a sitter unless they are joining us in class.

  Do no harm.  Students are expected to be gentle with each other's bodies and egos and to follow instructions.

Quick Answers to FAQs

Can I just call you to get this information?  In a word, no.  Frankly my time is very limited and the only way we can continue to offer adult dance lessons is if students are self-sufficient enough to do their homework.  Read & process the information, send me an email if there's a specific question that's not covered here, and register if the classes sound fun & will work for you.

How many people are in a group class?  Average, 15.  As few as 20 and as many as 50. 

What should I wear?  Comfortable, cool clothes in layers.  Straight-from-the-street shoes are hard on the floor so we appreciate you bringing shoes to change into that have non-marking soles and will stay on your feet. 

What's the age range in classes?  Anywhere from 13 & up, but most of our group-class students are 28-58.   

Do I have to rotate partners?  In classes, yes.  In the Romance Workshop, no. 

How long does it take to learn?  Everyone learns at a different pace.  Some will be ready to show off their new skills after the first couple of weeks, others will want to take the beginning class multiple times before they debut in public.  You truly don't know your aptitude for this until you try it.  People who never thought they'd be able to dance are amazed at how well they take to partner-style dancing.  Others wonder at why their general athletic prowess doesn't carry over to this new activity.  Truly, it's hard to predict but short, daily PRACTICE sessions at home (5-10 min.) will make a huge impact!

Private Lessons: We do have some private lesson openings but not many.   The ones we do have are mid-week & mid-afternoon, suitable for people with flexible schedules.  Sometimes people simply must have evening or weekend lessons in which case we're happy to refer you to other instructors we trust. 

Can I bring my kids with me?  If they want to learn how to dance and are old enough to handle adult-oriented classes they are absolutely welcome!  I love teaching young, unencumbered minds!  (Our minimum age is 13 without special permission.)  If they are not participating in classes, though, please treat this as adult-time and get a sitter.  While many kids are fine sitting quietly with a book for 40 minutes others cannot keep from running (literally) in circles through the rest of the studio.  This is very distracting for me and the other students so thank you in advance for your understanding. 


Teaching people how to dance feeds my soul but it is not my only interest nor does it pay the bills.  Hosting weddings does the latter and therefore gets the lion's share of my working time.  That means it'll be tough to reach me on the phone or get me to respond to non-specific emails such as "Tell me about dance lessons. . . "  (Response:  read the website.) 

While dancing is a thriving past-time here in Spokane there are not currently a lot of studios and instructors to choose from.  This is one reason I've decided to continue teaching even though I can't give each student my full attention and answer all of their questions before they start classes.  Since you've gotten this far it means you're interested in learning, so I guess I am asking you to take a leap of faith and just TRY IT. 

Why bother with us at all since our availability is so limited?  Frankly, Dance Street is the best place in town for brand-new dancers to gain some confidence as well as some solid dance skills.  We are a fun, friendly, welcoming bunch who are always happy to help people find out whether dancing is their next passion or just a passing fancy.  Our classes are a great way to meet new people, kick off a date-night with your partner, or have fun with a group of friends.  They're also an excellent way to move your body and stretch your muscles while expanding your brain.  Dancing is the one physical skill shown to have a delaying effect on dementia symptoms because it works both brain and body.  If learning how to dance is on your life-list let us help you check that box. 

We've been teaching Spokane the essentials of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing since 1997.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent dance instruction in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Our group classes are very budget friendly.  We hope they will fit into your schedule and that you will decide to see if dancing is your next life-long hobby.  Happy Learning!

Amanda Hansen,
Owner/Dance Instructor/Wedding Guru
Dance Street Ballroom

The Dance Street Ballroom   433 W. Dean Ave., Spokane, WA    5093269545    Amanda at DanceStreetBallroom dot Com

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