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The Dance Street Ballroom
Perfect Party Package

Venue • Catering • Dessert • Dinner & Dance Music • Photo Vignette
Yes, all of this is included in the package price - planning does not get any easier than this!

This package is a terrific value as well as being the easiest way to put together a fun & festive  Party, including a company Holiday Party!  All you have to do is invite some guests, show up to a beautifully decorated space, enjoy a terrific meal, maybe shake your boogie a bit, and have a great time!  Book now for the best selection of vendors and dates.

We try to be very transparent with our pricing.  There are no additional charges for security, insurance, gratuity, bartending, etc.  The only required expense that is not included is the refundable damage deposit.

Alcoholic Beverages:  You are welcome to bring your own or to have Charley's take care of everything and provide them for you at a reasonable cost.  Either way a bartender is included to serve them and there is no corkage fee!

Packages are Priced Per Person or Per Event - Whichever You Prefer
Suitable for 50-175 guests.

Per Person:  $35-$100 (avg. $50)
Includes GRATUITY & TAX! 

Per Event:  $3,500 Weekdays, $4,200 Weekends
Includes GRATUITY & TAX!  Flat fee rates for first 50 guests.  Additional guests $20pp. all inclusive.

The Dance Street Ballroom

Capacity: 40 to 175 Guests

·         Tables, chairs, table linens, set up, break down, cleaning – it’s all taken care of.

·         Fun, festive seasonally themed centerpieces.

·         White lights, candle sconces, wood floors, brick walls. . . fresh-flower bouquets on the guest book table, bar, & punch table. . .greenery & candles on the dessert table. . .we are beautifully decorated and ready for revelry!  

·         You get a 4-5 hour party (usually starting at 5 or so) including cocktail hour, dinner hour, and a couple hours of dancing - the perfect amount of festivity!

Dinner & Dance Music
In-House DJ/Emcee

·         We'll play appropriate, conversational dinner music and fun dance music for everyone! 

·         We're also happy to make any announcements and will pace your event so that you don't have to watch the timeline.  Coordinating with the other vendors to make things run smoothly is our primary job.  You can feel absolutely confident placing your event in our hands. 


We'd be happy to email you the Party Package menus!

·         Charley's Catering has put together a great selection of menus for you to choose from. Some are more appetizer oriented (lots of different, small things) and some are more meal oriented (protein, starch, vegetable.)   All of the menus include a delicious buffet on beautifully decorated tables, punch/water/coffee, wait-staff to clear tables, take out trash, etc., & a professional bartender. 

·          The package price includes the gratuity/service charge.    

·          Real plates and flatware are included for up to 100 people. 

·          Plated dinners are possible up to 100 guests.  An additional service fee will apply. 

Adult Beverages

You are welcome to provide your own alcohol - there is no corkage fee.

·         You are welcome to bring in your own alcoholic beverages for the included bartenders to serve (beer, wine, pre-bottled beverages such as "Mikes", and a reasonable amount of hard liquor are all fine.) 

·         Disposable beverage cups are included.  If you'd like to rent glassware we'd be happy to arrange that ($1 -$3 per person.)

Marsells Cakes
Just American Desserts

·         Choose from an array of mini-desserts or a selection of cookies & brownies - either way you will be tempted by these delicious goodies!


Photo Vignette

Add a PHOTOBOOTH for entertainment!

·         We do not provide a photographer with this package but we do offer a photo vignette that has been very popular at past parties.  In December our full-sized sleigh, electric fireplace and other holiday decorations set an especially lovely stage for friends and co-workers to capture the festive moment! 

·         If you would like to add a PHOTOBOOTH to your event then we highly recommend Westwood Studio.  You'll get a great price, high quality booth, and a friendly, competent attendant!    


Request a Party Quote!


DEPOSIT:  A $1,000 initial deposit will secure your date and is non-refundable.  The final payment and $500 damage/overtime deposit are due at least 15 days before your event.  Credit card payments must be made in person and will incur an additional 3% fee. 


BEER, WINE, CHAMPAGNE LIMITS:  You may have up to 1 keg of beer per 80 people.  Each keg serves 160, 12oz glasses.  Additional beer may be allowed in the form of bottles/cans (4 case maximum) or a pony keg if you are close to 100 people.  Wine & champagne are welcome in reasonable amounts.  You may also add up to 3 cases of pre-bottled beverages, such as Mike's Hard Lemonade.  COOLING:  We provide keg-cans and 4 metals tubs for white wine, Champagne, & Mikes.  Bottled/canned beer is very space consuming and we do not have room for cooling it.  Hence the 4 case limit.

HARD ALCOHOL:  If you'd like to provide a small amount of liquor then a "signature drink" is an excellent way to do so.  This could be something simple like a rum & coke, or something fruity like a Mai Tai or a Margarita on the rocks.  If your chosen drink contains multiple ingredients it should come pre-mixed except for the alcohol.  This will make your bar line move much more smoothly. 

If you prefer to provide a regular selection of liquors & mixers please remember that all bottles must be 1/5 size or smaller (not Costco size) so that the bartender can pour them.  Shots are forbidden. We've had a lot of problems with the hard stuff so please use some sanity.  We love for everyone to have a great time but we are not the place for a drunkfest! 

Miscellaneous details - Guests may bring in alcoholic beverages as long as the total provided still falls within the stated limits, and as long as the beverages are given to the bartenders to serve.  The bar will be closed down one hour before the end of your time slot (at the end of your 4-5 hour party block)   Last call has a 1 drink limit. 

CHILDREN- Well-behaved children are welcome at the Dance Street Ballroom.  The facility is, however, designed for adults with lots of glass, candles, and other opportunities for ignored children to cause trouble.  We expect parents and other adults to supervise any children in attendance and enforce good indoor manners.  We love it when the kids dance and screech in delight, but if you want a place where they can run amok then please choose a different venue.  Please avoid the generous impulse to provide them with entertainments such as markers, crayons, slinkies, party poppers, connectable glowsticks, etc.  These are all a hazard to the venue and therefore your damage deposit.  Small tops & plastic puzzles are fine.

DECORATING -  Our niche is to provide a decorated space ready for revelry.  If you wish to add extra decor please keep in mind that it all must be put up and removed within your time-block. 

FIREARMS POLICY - Firearms are prohibited on the premises except when carried by on-duty peace officers (e.g. SPD, WSP, Sheriff.)  This is a place of celebration and revelry and our events most often include alcoholic beverages.  It is our opinion that alcohol & firearms are mutually exclusive and that alcohol makes a much better party guest.  (This policy was approved by multiple peace officers from varied Spokane agencies.)

HOURS & TIME - Dance Street only books one full event per day.  The 4 hour party block is ideal for most events.  Your total time-block of 7 hours can be scheduled any time between Noon & 11pm.

We hope that this package will make it possible for more people to enjoy a fully planned and prepared event without experiencing all of the stress that can accompany planning such a thing yourself.  We want you to ENJOY your event and tell everyone who asks what a fabulous time you had at the Dance Street Ballroom!

We look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions, and giving you a guided tour of our venue.  Please email or call for an appointment.  Happy Planning! 

Request a Party Quote!

Amanda Hansen,
Owner/Operator, Dance Street Ballroom

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