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The Dance Street Ballroom
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Punch & Water table Adrienne & Brett's first dance - Amy Sinisterra Photography Happy Cake Co. - Summit Photography Bobbi & Dominic at the nearby Spokane Arena - Summit Photography Timeless elegance, white on black centerpiece Randi & Robert on dad's Harley

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Thank you for taking the time to read this!  Knowledgeable, happy guests are an integral part of any joyful & smoothly run wedding day and we certainly value your participation!  We hope you can join the upcoming celebration and look forward to meeting you soon.

Crucial Details

Dance Street Ballroom Location – 433 W. Dean, ½ block east of the Spokane Arena, just off Washington St.

Parking – is abundant but varied.  The metered streets are only .40/hour until 7pm Mon-Sat.  Paid parking lots are $1-$6 depending on Arena events.

Traffic – checking for events is wise as they can make traffic and parking a little more time consuming - www.SpokaneArena.com

Where to Stay - We have a “deal” with the Holiday Inn Express on the Rock for $104/night.  This is currently the best rate amongst the nicer area hotels and of course it includes their breakfast as well as free parking.  They're also happy to provide a complimentary shuttle bus to bring groups to the Dance Street Ballroom and pick them up again (this must be arranged ahead of time.) 

For Google or your GPS:  The Dance Street Ballroom, 433 W. Dean Ave., Spokane, WA 99201 

Important Knowledge. . .

Alcoholic Beverages require ID of everyone.

Children - Well-behaved children can be a delight to have at weddings but in our experience the parents enjoy the festivities much more when they do not have to worry about their offspring.  Please keep in mind that this is a grown-up venue with lots of glass, candles, & flowers and many opportunities for wee littles to cause trouble and/or damage.  The venue’s open nature practically begs them to dispose of their indoor manners & run pell mell across the floor, knocking elderly guests off their balance.  It is most definitely not childproof, & there is not likely to be room for strollers, play pens, or other accessories.  Sorry, we do not have highchairs or booster seats.  If you bring tweeners please allow them to have their electronic distraction devices with headphones.  Wedding receptions are incredibly boring at that age!  Children older than 2 count in RSVPs.

Guest Book - Many couples choose signature mats, scrapbooks, or other memorabilia as a guest book alternative.  These give you a chance to write more than just your name so we suggest planning ahead to avoid the "We love you guys!" default.  That's nice, but it's said by everyone who can't think of anything else to say.  With a little forward planning we think you might come up with something a little more personal.  At a loss for words?  Google "love poem" or "wedding poetry" and find a very short snippet that you can text to yourself.  Then you just have to pull it up at the right time and copy it.  

RSVPs - #1 Bride-stressor – Please don’t be those people!  If you have ever planned a wedding you fully understand the importance of RSVPs.  The couple has better things to do 3 weeks before the wedding than to track you down for an answer.  While we realize that it is difficult to commit to plans several weeks in advance it is IMPERATIVE that you RSVP on time (the caterer requires a number 2 weeks before the wedding.)  Weddings are a huge undertaking, like turning a cruise ship, and last minute changes in numbers are often very difficult & expensive.  PLEASE respond accurately & in a timely fashion.  This helps ensure that you will have a place to sit, food to eat, and beverages to quench your thirst. 

Seating Charts - In many cases the couple elects to provide open seating except for the bridal party & parents.  This means that you’ll be responsible for finding your own seats.  If you have a family or group that wants to sit together we suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes before the ceremony starts.   Doors open to guests 30 min. before the ceremony.

Smoking & Vaping – are allowed outside in Washington’s public spaces as long as it is more than 25’ from an entrance.  While we understand that there are no laws governing e-cigarettes and vaping as of yet we have strong concerns about its effect on indoor air quality.  Remember when the tobacco companies insisted second hand smoke was harmless too?  Therefore vaping is not allowed inside our building.  Thank you for your consideration.  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/10-things-e-cigarettes-wont-tell-you-2013-11-08?pagenumber=8.....http://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/everyday-innovations/electronic-cigarette2.htm....http://articles.latimes.com/2013/oct/03/opinion/la-ed-e-cigarettes-20131003

Temperature- We try to regulate the heat & A/C to ~72 degrees but it’s tricky with a pack of people.  The edges of the room are far cooler than the middle.  Susceptible to chills?  Don’t sit by the doors.  Easily overheated?  Sit at a table on the outside edge.  Strapless dress?  Bring a shoulder wrap.  We strongly suggest dressing in layers at all times of the year.  For outdoor ceremonies bring your water bottle & consider a parasol or sun hat.

We look forward to you enjoying a memorable night of revelry with people you cherish.  Thanks again for helping make this the most wonderful wedding the bride & groom can imagine!  


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