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The Dance Street Ballroom
Perfect Day Wedding Package


Amazing Affordability, Ultimate Convenience

Venue • Catering • Cake • DJ • Flowers • Photographer • Coordinator • Dance Lessons
Yes, all of this is included in the package price!  Almost too good to be true, but not quite.
Planning doesn't get any easier than this!

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Our packages are a terrific value as well as being the easiest way to put together a complete wedding!  They include the biggest elements (and some smaller ones) of any wedding and reception while still allowing you enough choices to reflect your own personalities and tastes.  Every Package includes the venue, catering, cake, photography, DJ, florist, & coordinator.  Choose your own personal flowers, pick from a variety of cake styles decorated to your colors, decide between a variety of menus from dinners to appetizer samplers, and choose from a selection of experienced, professional wedding photographers.  Not all of the participating vendors may be available on the date you choose so flexibility is important.  Book early for the best selection of vendors and dates!

We try to be very transparent with our pricing.  There are no additional charges for security, insurance, gratuity, bartending, etc.  The only required expenses that are not included are sales tax & the refundable damage deposit.

Weekend Price:  $7,700 +tax (Sat.-Sun.)
Weekday Price:  $6,600 +tax (Mon.-Fri.) 
Package-Lite: $5,500
+tax (Mon.-Fri.) 

Package Prices include up to 100 guests.  Add $20 (incl. tax) for each additional guest up to 175 max. 

All prices include caterer's gratuity.  Sales tax & the refundable damage deposit are the only additional required costs.


Ceremony Venue
The Dance Street Ballroom

·         Our decorative iron arch, candelabras, & flower arrangements set the stage under an arc of candles.

·         A one-hour rehearsal is included to help things run smoothly (usually on Thursdays.)

·         Coordinating the rehearsal & ceremony is part of what we do to take the best possible care of you.

·         If you choose to hold your ceremony off-site you'll receive a $300 discount.  (The time-block will be adjusted to 7 hrs. and you will not need our rehearsal or ceremony accessories.)

Package-Lite Difference:  The ceremony & reception time-block is 7 hours total (2 hrs for pictures, ½ hr to hide while guests arrive, 3.5 hrs for the Event, 1 hour for good-byes and vendor clean-up.)  Many Package-Lite brides choose to get dressed off-site and meet their photographer at a nearby park or their hotel for the "first look."  This makes the most of your pre-ceremony time.

Reception Venue
The Dance Street Ballroom

Tables, Chairs, Table Linens, Centerpieces, Candles, Fresh Flowers, Cake Table Decor, Set Up, Break Down, & Venue Cleaning are always included at our venue!

·         Tables, chairs, table linens, set up, break down, cleaning – it’s all taken care of.

·         We create classic centerpieces of color-coordinated fresh flowers, candles, mirrors, & scattered flower petals or glass beads.  Choose square or round style vases & votive holders. 

·         White lights, candle sconces, wood floors, brick walls. . . fresh-flower bouquets on the guest book table, bar, & punch table. . .petals & candles on the cake table. . .we are beautifully decorated and ready for revelry!  You are welcome to add personal touches such as favors & photo displays. 

·         You get a 8 hour time-block (between 11am & Midnight) the day of your event (½ hr to dress, 2 hrs for pictures, ½ hr to hide while guests arrive, 4 hrs for the Event, 1 hour for good-byes and vendor clean-up.) 

Package-Lite Difference:  You get a 6 hour time-block at Dance Street Ballroom (between 11am & Midnight) the day of your event (1.75 hours for vendor set up, 3.5 hrs for the Event, 45 min. for good-byes and vendor clean-up.)  Additional consecutive hours are $200 ea. up until Midnight.

DJ and Emcee
The Dance Street Ballroom

·         We'll play appropriate seating & ceremony music, conversational dinner music, and fun dance music for everyone!  You are always welcome to bring us your special songs or a disc of your favorites to work into the playlist.  We also want to know your "do-not-play" list so as not to torture you on your day. 

·         We make professional announcements for all of the significant moments and coordinate the event's timeline with other vendors to make things run smoothly.  This is our primary job.  To run the wedding and manage the timeline so that your guests never feel bored, you never feel rushed, and you never have to watch the clock!



Glass dinner plates & "real" flatware are included in all of our Package menus!

Hiqh quality paper napkins are also provided for beverages, dinner, & cake.

Nice disposable plates & forks are also included for the cake.

·          We're fortunate to be able to offer several menus from this well established, professional caterer!  They've put together a great selection of menus for you to choose from, some that are more appetizer oriented (lots of different, small dishes) and some that are more meal oriented (meat, starch, vegetable.)  

·          All of the menus include a delicious buffet on beautifully decorated tables, punch/water/coffee, service staff to clear tables, cut cake, etc., and a professional bartender. 

·          You are welcome to bring your own beer, wine, Champagne, & signature drink for their bartenders to serve!  Reasonable limits apply.  Disposable cups are provided.

·          The Package prices include the catering gratuity/service charge.    

·          If your event has fewer than 75 guests then you may choose one additional menu item (options vary by caterer) OR you may take a price adjustment.

Package-Lite Difference The menus are less varied than those in the regular Package, but rest assured that your guests will still be well fed!  The 75 or fewer clause still applies.



Marsells Cakes
Just American Desserts

Click these links for photo collages of your Package cake options!

·         The package includes a tiered cake in your choice of several styles, in a wide variety of flavor combinations, coordinated to your colors.  A sheet cake or mini-desserts will provide servings for additional guests.  You choose two flavor combinations.

·         You also choose the frosting colors and in some cases provide the ribbon, flowers, or cake toppers so that they are sure to match your exact specifications.   Floral accessories can be obtained with part of your credit from Special Touch Floral. 

Package-Lite Difference:  Includes a small cutting cake for picture purposes & cupcakes for the rest.


Dance Lessons
The Dance Street Ballroom

·         Every package includes a complimentary Romance Workshop (3 weeks) that teaches the essentials of Foxtrot & Swing.  The workshops are offered 3 or 4 times a year on set nights of the week so we suggest planning ahead.  These are a "thank you" bonus and do not add to the cost of the Package.  If you are unable to use them you're welcome to give them to friends or family who could enjoy them instead!

Special Touch Floral

·         You'll receive a $300 credit that can be used any way you want.  It will be enough to provide all of your personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, cake topper) if you follow Esther’s recommendations and use seasonal flowers. 

·         You're welcome to make additional purchases directly through the florist.

Package-Lite Difference A $200 credit to create a bridal bouquet, groom's boutonniere, & perhaps a few other pieces.



Essential Moments
Gary Peterson
Jeremiah Andrews
Mr. J's
Westwood Studio

·         Each of these photographers has put together their own package that includes at least 5 hours of coverage, an album, and a full-resolution disc of images with copyright release.  Many have sweetened the deal with engagement shoots, prints, or other elements.  All of them have worked at the Dance Street Ballroom before and it’s entirely up to you which one’s style/personality you prefer.  Remember, your first choice may not be available for your date, so please keep a flexible attitude.   

·         Rates per additional hours vary, and any additions you want to make to your package can be arranged directly with your photographer.

Package-Lite Difference Each photographer has put together a bundle that includes at least 4 hours of coverage and a full-resolution disc of images with copyright release.



Love the space but need a less expensive option?   Perhaps the highlights version is perfect for you...
The Mini-Wedding includes the ceremony with a cake-&-punch reception, wedding bouquet,
photography, & formalities such as toasts, cake cutting, special dances, & grand exit. 
(Sorry, no food or alcohol is possible with this option.)

Mini-Wedding: $3,500
+tax (as available)

Mini-Wedding price includes up to 50 guests.  Add $10 (incl. tax) for each additional guest up to 120 max.



Confused or Overwhelmed?  Fill out this simple form to receive a personalized PRICE QUOTE for a Dance Street Ballroom Wedding Celebration!

Request a Wedding Quote!

Below are some photos of food, cake, & floral options that are possible with this package.  They are not your only options, of course - just a sampling.  We want to emphasize that the quality of our vendors' offerings is in no way compromised by the Package's affordability.  We will always do our best for you!  There are more important details below the photo display, so please keep scrolling.




DEPOSIT:  A $2,000 initial deposit will secure your date and is non-refundable.  The first half of this deposit must be paid at the contract signing in order to secure your date.  The second half is due 60 days later.  This is applied to your total bill.  The final payment and $500 damage/overtime deposit are due at least 15 days before your event.  We're sorry, but due to the high fees they charge we cannot accept debit or credit cards.  We are happy, however, to accept credit card checks.

ADJUSTMENTS:  We know that some people already have a professional vendor of some kind in their circle of family or friends.  With the exception of catering we are happy to adjust the package so that you may use a different vendor for one or possibly two of the categories.  Additionally, if you choose to hold your ceremony elsewhere such as a church or a park we are happy to give you a $300 discount.  Your venue time-block will be reduced to 7 hours which is our normal time-block for receptions and plenty of time for vendor set  up, a great party, and non-hurried good-byes. 

RENTAL DISHES:  You are welcome to arrange rental glassware, china, flatware, and linen napkins if you so desire (Charley's includes china & flatware for the buffet.)  Event Rents is our recommended vendor for this.  If you choose to rent dishware plan to spend about $1-$3 per person depending on how elaborate you wish to get and which caterer you choose to use.  If you choose to use linen napkins remember that they are mostly for color.  You'll still want paper napkins available to do any real cleaning.  (Have you ever tried absorbing liquid with a polyester napkin?  No bueno.)

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  You get to bring all of your own alcoholic beverages AND there is no additional charge or corkage fee!  This will save you a small pile of money, generally $2-$3 dollars per drink.  Professional bartending staff is included through all of our caterers.  You do need to get a banquet permit, ($10 online), in order to provide alcoholic beverages.  All alcoholic beverages must be served by the bartenders.   We like everyone to have a great time & shake off their dancing inhibitions, but we are not the place for a drunk-fest.

BEER & WINE LIMITS:  You may have 1 keg of beer for every 80 guests, with a 2 keg total limit. Each keg serves 160, 12oz glasses.  The local breweries are great places to get good prices on kegs.  Check out Northern Lights or Shenanigans for good beer that's easy to pick up and return.  If you'd like a distributed brand of beer check out the Hi-Neighbor Tavern on Monroe.  It's very close to us so your beer stays cold and doesn't get too shaken up during transit.  (For more than 50 or so guests choosing bottled/canned beer is not feasible due to space constraints.  Consider a pony keg if you are worried about having too much leftover.)  Wine & champagne are welcome in reasonable amounts (1 case serves 60 glasses.)  You may also add up to 4 cases of pre-bottled beverages, such as Mike's Hard Lemonade, which is particularly popular during the hot season.  COOLING:  We provide 2 keg-cans and 4 metals tubs for the white wine, Champagne, & Mikes.  Add red wine and a signature drink and the space behind the bar is full.  Any back-up beer in your coolers (4 cases max) will fit under the tables, but please respect the laws of physics.  When we say this is all that will fit. . . we mean it.  We know our space.  If you want to add something else, such as sodas, be prepared to subtract something such as the Mike's. 

CHAMPAGNE must be opened by Dance Street staff or the hired bartender.  Dance Street does not charge a corkage fee, it's simply an issue of mess and safety.  Bottles may not be placed on the tables since we require that all alcoholic beverages be served.  Feel free to skip the Champagne in favor of a "toast with your preferred beverage."  Many people are doing this if their group doesn't particularly care for Champagne.  Champagne, white wine, and water are the only consumables allowed in the bride's dressing room, and the former MUST be opened by us (again, it's a safety & mess issue.) 

HARD LIQUOR:  If you'd like to provide a small amount of hard alcohol for those who don't drink beer or wine then a "signature drink" is an excellent way to do so.  This could be something simple like a rum & coke, or something fruity like a Mai Tai or a Margarita on the rocks.  If your chosen drink contains multiple ingredients it should come pre-mixed except for the alcohol and you'll need a BEVERAGE JAR to serve it out of.  These can often be found at Costco, Fred Meyer, or Target, and of course through Amazon.  A 1.5-3 gallon size is perfect!  This will make your bar line move much more smoothly.  Consider providing fruit garnish or the little umbrellas if you're doing something tropical, and remember it's always fun to match the color of your signature drink to your wedding. 

LIMITS:  You may provide up to 3 fifths of hard liquor per 100 people.  This can be part of your signature drink or a limited bar (we suggest vodka, rum, & whiskey.)  Half-gallons are not allowed due to the difficulty in pouring from them.  Shots are forbidden. We've had a lot of problems with the hard stuff and are close to banning it all together.  We've also had some really good events with it so that's why we haven't.  Please don't be the event to make us change our minds. 

(as of 7-30-11, thanks to Debbie Fancher)  A new favorite signature drink!  A "John Daly" - an adult Arnold Palmer made with lemonade and Sweet-tea vodka - tasty & refreshing!  You can purchase lemonade concentrate at URM. 

Miscellaneous details - Guests may bring in alcoholic beverages as long as the total provided still falls within the stated limits, and as long as the beverages are given to the bartenders to serve.  FLASKS make a nice groomsmen's gift but they put you at odds with this rule.  Consider engraved beer mugs instead.  The bar will be closed down one hour before the end of your time slot (at the end of your 4 hour party block, usually when you are leaving.)   Last call has a 1 drink limit. 

CHILDREN- Well-behaved children are a joy to have at weddings, and welcome at the Dance Street Ballroom.  The facility is, however, designed for adults with lots of glass, candles, and other opportunities for ignored children to cause trouble.  We expect parents and other adults to supervise any children in attendance and enforce good indoor manners.  We love it when the kids dance and screech in delight, but if you want a place where they can run amok then please choose a different venue.  Please avoid the generous impulse to provide them with entertainments such as markers, crayons, slinkies, party poppers, connectable glowsticks, etc.  These are all a hazard to the venue and therefore your damage deposit.  Small tops & plastic puzzles are fine.

DECORATING - You are welcome to add favors, a floral swag on the arch, or small personal touches such as photo displays.  Our niche, however, is to provide a decorated space ready for revelry.  We are not a blank slate for you to rearrange and decorate as you please - it just takes too much time, effort, & stress for us to put things back in order afterwards.  The point of this Package is simplicity and convenience for all involved so use the extra time it buys you to do something fun, like use your dance lessons, instead of coming up with countless ways to nickel & dime your budget to death. 

That said, if you have a "vision" for your tables and a host of helpers willing to swarm in and put it together then we are happy to accommodate that.  If your ceremony is off-site or you are participating in the Package-Lite then you will need to book an extra hour of time to make this happen ($150).

FIREARMS POLICY - Firearms are prohibited on the premises except when carried by on-duty peace officers (e.g. SPD, WSP, Sheriff.)  This is a place of celebration and revelry and our events most often include alcoholic beverages.  It is our opinion that alcohol & firearms are mutually exclusive and that alcohol makes a much better party guest.  (This policy was approved by multiple peace officers from varied Spokane agencies.)

FOOD - Please understand that while the Packages feed up to 100 guests that is based on an average appetite/meal size.  Portions are generous but not gargantuan!  If you have a lot of heavy eaters then you will need to pad your numbers.  Having several guests who take 3 helpings of mashed potatoes on their first round is going to run you out of food.

GUEST COUNT - To figure out how many people you're going to have, wave your magic wand, utter your incantation of choice, spin the dial on a clock, and multiply by 20.  Yes, it's that easy to figure it out.  The best formula I know of is to count everyone you're inviting, and figure that 80% will show up if most of them are in town and it's a good-weather time of year, but not too hot.  About 70% will show up if there are a lot of out-of-towners, if it's too hot, or if it's a bad-weather time of year.  If it's two of three you might get 60%.  Oh, and time of night makes a difference too.  Some people don't like to be out after dark.  Really, you just have to give it your best guess, make RSVP-ing easy, and then still contact the non-responders.  RSVP cards are good, but I think it's also helpful to include a phone number and especially an email address for them to respond to.  I wish there was a polite way to say, "RSVP if you want to eat." 

Is it critical that you have an accurate guest count?  Yes, very.  It makes both the venue and the caterer look bad when there is not enough seating or food, so the price per extra person after the fact will double to $30.  That doesn't mean more food will magically appear (our wand was stolen, sorry) - it just means that it's much smarter to make the effort to get an accurate guest count in the first place. 

HOURS & TIME - Dance Street only books one full event per day.  Your time block can be anywhere from 11:00am to Midnight and is all inclusive.  It must allow for vendor set up & take down, any additional decorating on your part, and your clean up (packing up gifts, leftovers, and any added decorations.)  The eight hour block generally breaks down into 1/2 hour to dress, 2 hours for pictures, 1/2 hour to hide while guests arrive, 4 hours for the Event, and 1 hour for vendor clean-up and your good-byes.  This seems to be just the right amount of time for most groups.  Remember, you've had a really long, exciting day & will probably be very ready to go by the end.  Extra time may be booked if necessary, up to 2 hours, for $150 per hour ($250 Midnight-1am.)  Package-Lite:  $200 per hour, available up until Midnight only. 

PICTURES - Before or after?  Most couples are now choosing to do all of their formal pictures before the ceremony.  You'll still get that "first look" moment, it just won't be in front of all of your guests.  It actually gives you the option of having that moment be just between the two of you and your photographer.  It also allows your photographer to capture that moment with both of you in the picture instead of having to choose between you.  Taking your pictures before the ceremony lets you get all of the pictures you want without the stress of rushing through them to get to your reception, and allows you to fully enjoy the moment.  In our opinion this is absolutely the way to go.  Just make sure you're on time! 

Rachel and Jake's "first look" moment - Summit Photography

Some couples are very set on not seeing each other until she walks down the aisle.  Keep in mind that the bulk of your pictures will involve both of you, as well as family members and the bridal party, so the "just the ones with both of us" segment will take at LEAST an hour.  This can be arranged, but in order to not sabotage your reception too much keep two things in mind:  feed & refresh your guests while they wait, and you must arrange outdoor pictures.  Why?  The well-wishing of your guests will keep you from getting your pictures taken if you stay in the same place with all of your guests.  Therefore this is not a practical option in the winter!

SMOKING & VAPING - Dance Street is, and always has been, a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is permitted outdoors, 25 feet away from any entrance, as per the Washington Clean Indoor Air Act.   Please remember that smoking directly outside the doors is pointless - it still comes straight back inside the facility.  We appreciate it when you encourage your smoking friends and family to be considerate in this matter.   

While we understand that there are no laws governing e-cigarettes and vaping as of yet we have strong concerns about its effect on indoor air quality.  Remember when the tobacco companies insisted second hand smoke was harmless too?  Therefore vaping is not allowed inside our building.  Thank you for your consideration.  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/10-things-e-cigarettes-wont-tell-you-2013-11-08?pagenumber=8.....http://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/everyday-innovations/electronic-cigarette2.htm....http://articles.latimes.com/2013/oct/03/opinion/la-ed-e-cigarettes-20131003

THROWABLES -  Silly string, party poppers, confetti, birdseed, rice (in any form), & flower petals are not allowed.  Basically, anything that can be seen the next day is on the Forbidden Substances list.  Bubbles, glow sticks, bells & party horns are all good suggestions for "going away".  We would also like to see someone try a "Just Married" banner (perforated) for the couple to run through.  Sparklers are also fun but illegal, fyi.  If you use them please put someone in charge of making sure they are cleaned up properly.  We're happy to provide a bucket of water to cool them off before disposal. 

PACKAGE-LITE SUMMARY - The Package-Lite is the wedding of many people's dreams.  Guests will never dream that small corners have been cut.  It is our effort to make a complete wedding available to as many people as possible!  Remember, any element can be upgraded to the original Package version individually.

•  It is only available on weekdays (Friday evenings are terrific for wedding celebrations!) 
•  Your total event-day time-block is one hour less (7 hours with a ceremony, 6 hours without.)
•  The menus are less varied but still delicious and plentiful.
•  The photography package is much smaller but you still get ample coverage and your disc of images with a release.
•  Instead of a 3-tier cake it includes a small cutting cake and cupcakes (a very popular choice in any case.)
•  It includes a $200 floral credit which is enough for a bridal bouquet of seasonal flowers, a boutonniere for a groom, and   
    perhaps a few other pieces such as cake flowers or simple bridesmaids bouquets.  Remember, the centerpiece flowers and
    accessory bouquets are something WE provide and not part of your floral credit.

We hope that this package will make it possible for more people to enjoy a fully planned and prepared event without experiencing all of the stress that can accompany planning such a thing yourself.  We want you to ENJOY your wedding day, and for your family and friends to revel in the celebrations also without having to work your wedding. 

We look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions, and giving you a guided tour of our venue.  Please email or call for an appointment.  Happy Planning! 

Amanda Hansen,
Owner/Operator/Wedding Guru
 The Dance Street Ballroom

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